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Open and Distance Learning:

Noble laureate AmartyaSen in his book “Development as Freedom” has made a comment that Japan was the first example of a country that built social opportunities and economic growth on the foundation of universal basic education. With a view to extension of the example of Japan the 1990 World Conference made “Education for all” as a global agenda to endorse the open and distance learning (ODL) system for developing knowledge and skills of the learners without dislocating them from their houses and work places. The tremendous expansion of ODL system amongst the masses suggests that the higher education is not confined only to elite section of Indian society which it had been before India’s independence. It has not only rooted out the uneven distribution of higher education opportunities but has reached to them too who are geographically isolated. Even the purview of the National Knowledge Commission has been widened as soon as it came under the fold of ODL system and considering its wide scope of providing flexible access to higher education (general, vocational and professional) the government (both in Central and State) are giving due emphasis on horizontal and vertical expansion of education through open and distance mode since 1980s.

Krishna KantaHandiqui State Open University, Assam, which started functioning from 11 December 2006 had completed its 15 (Fifteen) years of existence. Pramathesh Barua College is situated in the westernmost part of Assam. Considering the demography and low literacy status of the district, the open and distance learning centre was felt necessary in this College as the ideology of the distance mode of education is "Education Beyond Barrier". True to its sense the Pramathesh Barua College study centre of the KKHSOU has been serving to the under privileged, housewives, dropouts and service holders who are not able to pursue education in regular mode and that too without compromising quality of learning. The ODL system of education has become the essential part of our educational system. The very purpose of the system is to promote education and to reach the unreached. Here the “Lifelong learning” and “Education beyond barrier” reflects the motto of the university as well as of the study centre which need to be nourished for the better cause of humanity and educational environment of the locality as we cannot deny the social responsibility to educate people irrespective of race, age, educational background and geographical boundaries.

Brief Profile of the Study Centre:

Name of the study centre : PramatheshBarua College Study Centre
Code No : 0805
Bank A/C No : *******1959
Year of establishment : 2009
Affiliated to : The K.K.H.S.OpenUniversity; established by an act of Assam Legislative Assembly and recognised by DEC and UGC

Study Centre Management Committee:

1. Principal, Centre-in-charge : Chairperson
2. Dr. AbuTaher Mollah, Coordinator : Member Secretary
3. Dr.JafarWajeb, from G.B : Member
4. Prof. DuboriDalisa Choudhury, nominated by Principal : Member
5. Prof. Shilpee Roy, President PBCTA : Member
6. Prof. Amitabh Ranjan Kanu, Assitt. Secretary PBCTA : Member
7. Dr. Ashikur Rahman, Special Invitee Member : Member


1. Principal : Centre in Charge
2. Dr. Abu TaherMollah : Coordinator>
3. SriRoushanAli : : Office Assistant
4. Sri ArindamBhuyan : Office Assistant
5. Sri A.B.Sk : Grade IV
6. Sri Partha Das : Grade IV
7. Sri BhogotBasfor : Cleaner

Faculty engaged with the study centre:

Sl. no Name of the Academic Counsellor Qualification (Ph.D) Subjects/Area
1. Dr. Gopal Ch. Barman M.A,M.Phil, Ph.D English
2. Amitabh RanjanKanu M.A, M.Phil, LL.B English
3. Dr.Kalyan Das M.A, M.Phil, LL.B English
4. Dr. Abu TaherMollah M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D Mathematics
5. Diganta Biswas M.Com, M.Phil, LL.B Commerce
6. Dubori Dolisa Choudhury M.A History
7. Zakir Hussain M.A, M.Phil History
8. Aftab Uddin Ahmed M.A, M.Phil Pol.Science
9. Abdul Muttalib M.A Education
10. Dr.Shyamal Ch. Sarkar M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D Philosophy
11. Minati Sarkar M.A Sanskrit
12. Parbin Sultana M.A, M.Phil Pol. Science
13. Abdul Quiyum M.A Pol. Science
14. Buddhadeb Basumatary M.A, M.Phil Pol. Science
15. Dr. Dhiren Ch. Barman M.A, Ph.D Assamese
16. Shilpee Roy M.A, B.Ed Bengali
17. Hasib Md. Iqbal M.A, M.Phil Economics
18. Dulal Ch. Karmakar M.A, M.Phil Economics
19. Digambar Ch. Nath M.A, M.Phil Philosophy
20. Dr.Taybul Islam Mollah M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D English
21. Pranab Kr. Barman M.Com, M.Phil Commerce
22. Dr.Anup Kr. Seal M.Com, Ph.D Commerce
23. Kalidas Saha M.Com, M.Phil Commerce
24. Dr.Achyut Krishna Bora M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D Commerce
25. Enamul Mazid M.Sc, M.Phil Mathematics
26. Dr. Ashikur Rahman M.A, Ph.D English
27. Dr. Aminur Islam Sk M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D Philosophy
28. Yesminara Hussain M.A, M.Phil Pol. Science
29. Shajahan Ali M.Sc Mathematics
30. Dr. Sambhu Pandey M.A, Ph.D Hindi
31. Dr. Abu Taher Sk M.A, Ph.D Arabic
32. Samsuddaha Ahmed M.Com, M.Phil Commerce

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